Ray Parker Jr. – Christmas Time Is Here (1984)

December 19, 2012

in Ray Parker Jr.

Holiday Exclusive!!

Ray Parker Jr. – Christmas Time Is Here

Another great example of one of those tracks that I was looking for forever! Had no idea what the actual name of the song was, or who did it (even though I should have recognized that “Ghostbuster” voice)… and it didn’t help matters that radio NEVER plays it.

My recollection here is I remember hearing this played on the overhead system in a store. I could barely make it out. The only thing that ever stayed with me was that line “Can’t you hear those jingle bells” I thought that was the name of the song!

Ray Parker Jr. put out this fantastic track in 1984. I can only imagine this tune got some serious exposure back then, considering he was at his peak, but sadly it’s disappeared into the holiday forgotten.

One other thing that I really like about this lost holiday jam is the recognition of the true meaning of Christmas;

“Please remind the kids, whose birthday this really is, Let’s not forget, why Christmas time is here”

Give it a whirl and enjoy this tune in all it’s glory!