Janet Jackson – When I Think Of You (Dance Remix) (1986)

October 24, 2011

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Janet Jackson – When I Think Of You (Dance Remix)

[ Sorry kids, audio file no longer available due to the powers that be ]

Every now and then I think that Janet doesn’t get the credit she deserves. Obviously when you have a brother like Michael Jackson which cast a huge career shadow, you’ve got quite a lot to prove.

But if you really look at it, Janet has had a hugely successful career of what could seriously be considered mega-star status, right up there with Michael. Her albums were selling consistently when some of his were not. And she continues to prove herself today (although that new material doesn’t do much for me, surprise-surprise, but her devote fans seem to dig it).

Let’s look back at the Janet we all really dig! 1986, she’s coming out of her bubblegum phase and into the catchy pop-dance stuff!

“When I Think Of You” was pretty big. Or at least I remember it being on the radio a lot. It’s a pretty great pop tune, and I’ve always thought of it as “Oh that’s Janet’s first really popular tune”.

This is the “dance remix” from the 12″ single. I’d imagine people kicking it on the dance floor back  in the day to this one, mirrors and neon everywhere. And the big hair! Check out Janet’s mammoth-do in that photo. Freakin’ awesome!! This is the girl I’d like to go see in concert :)