Bangles – Walk Like An Egyptian (Extended Remix Version) (1986)

August 5, 2011

in Bangles

Bangles – Walk Like An Egyptian (Extended Remix Version)

There are certain moments in our lives that change us forever… and when I was 6 years old, and I saw the video for The Bangles “Walk Like An Egyptian”… I looked past the song, past the characters walking like egyptian’s, past everything…  ALL I saw was Susanna Hoffs!!

Now remember, I’m 6 years old. It’s very uncool to like girls because they were suppose to have cooties right, all that crap, and here I see this goddess on MTV. All done up, with the big hair, and when she has her solo spot in the song and she looks from side to side (oh yum!)

I didn’t know her name, all I knew was that the girl from the “Walk Like An Egyptian” video was insanely beautiful. I would have done absolutely anything to kiss her, and I was convinced she tasted like sugar!

And let me tell you, this 80’s man sure knows how to call ’em… because Susanna Hoffs is still decked out today. No joke, super pretty lady.

Susanna, wherever you are… I had the sweetest little crush on you and I’m pretty sure I still do. My number is 555-CHRIS … or you can follow me on Twitter.