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PLAY: Tina Turner – We Don’t Need Another Hero (Extended Mix)

tina_turner_we_don't_need_another_hero_extended_mix_1985_the80smanAt the peak period of Tina Turner’s comeback in the mid 80’s, she managed to score an acting role as Aunty Entity in the Mel Gibson epic Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. I didn’t do my homework on this one to determine how she got this part, but one thing is certain as I recall, she was absolutely perfect for it!

Now obviously she wasn’t going to get on board without a piece of the soundtrack right? She’d have a respectable hit with a song called “One Of The Living” off the album, but I actually think that one is crap! “We Don’t Need Another Hero” on the other hand would become a number 2 hit on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts and is a better entry from her 80’s period.

This is the “extended mix” as featured on the 12″ single release.

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PLAY: Rick Springfield – Affair Of The Heart

rick_springfield_affair_of_the_heart_1983_the80smanAnother hit record from actor/singer Rick Springfield. This one the kick off single from his Living In Oz LP from ’83, and a Top 10 charter. Living In Oz must be some kind of metaphor for what he was going through at the time.. being some hot shot on both television and on the pop charts, performing to tons of fans at concerts.. yet still having to deal with the challenges that come along with fame.

“Affair Of The Heart”on the other hand  isn’t so cryptic :) Once again it’s the delicate use of the synthesizer that really makes the track for me. It perfectly offsets the grittiness of great rock guitar and the rooted aggression of the lyrics. A fine cut from Mr. Springfield!

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Key Album Cut Alert!!

PLAY: Duran Duran – The Chauffeur

duran_duran_the_chauffeur_1982_the80smanIn the early days of the New Romantic scene in Britain, the sound seemed much more dark and often abstract from that of the contemporary pop scene. And newcomers Duran Duran dabbled in that tapestry before skyrocketing as pop rock pin ups.

“The Chauffeur” is a great example of the crossover between artistry. Of the groups early days, keyboardist Nick Rhodes once said that he never imagined they’d be playing a song like “The Chauffeur” to flocks of teeny-bopper girls, but that’s exactly what happened once it was given proper production and included as the last track on their all-time smash Rio album.

I’ve always liked this song for it’s eclectic style. The underlying drone, and creepy synth pattern. There’s even a flute (or so it seems) hows that for diversification! But lyrically, it;s poetry in motion as they say;

“As the sun beats down bedding heavy behind, the front of your dress all shadowy lined, the droning engine throbs in time with your beating heart”.. awesomeness!

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PLAY: Prince – I Wanna Be Your Lover (Album Mix)

A cheat from ’79, but it’s a Prince classic well into the 80’s and to this day! From his second album yet the first legitimate hit from Prince on multiple charts, this song was written about a crush Prince had on musician Patrice Rushen.

Did you know that back when Prince first got his record deal the label told him he would be going into the studio with Earth, Wind, & Fire member Maurice White who was going to act as producer, and Prince told the label that NOBODY was going to produce his records other than himself! A ballsy move for a new artist who just got signed, but there must have been great belief in this musical prodigy, when ultimately he got his way. And future Prince productions would be masterful. Songs like this are true testaments to that.

This is the “album mix” which featured additional minutes of extensive keyboard funk!

By the way, this hairstyle he’s got going on here.. no joke, I’ve totally rocked that in the past :)

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PLAY: Steve Winwood – Back In The High Life

SteveWinwood-BackInTheHighLife1986-the80smanI don’t know why but I always sing the chorus of this song when I ease into a hot tub! haha I don’t know if I saw someone saying that while doing the same thing in a movie years ago or on a tv show or something, but the underlying message is a return to the good times :)

The title cut off Steve Winwood’s often called “comeback” LP from ’86, the single would become a number 1 record on both the Hot 100 and Adult Contemporary charts

In addition to the sweetness Steve plays on the mandolin.. that’s the man James Taylor on harmony vocals here which definitely helps give this laid back cut a bonus dose of awesomeness.

It used to seem to me
That my life ran on too fast
And I had to take it slowly
Just to make the good parts last
But when you’re born to run
It’s so hard to just slow down
So don’t be surprised to see me
Back in that bright part of town

I’ll be back in the high life again
All the doors I closed one time will open up again
I’ll be back in the high life again
All the eyes that watched me once will smile and take me in

And I’ll drink and dance with one hand free
Let the world back into me
And on I’ll be a sight to see
Back in the high life again

You used to be the best
To make life be life to me
And I hope that you’re still out there
And you’re like you used to be
We’ll have ourselves a time
And we’ll dance ’til the morning sun
And we’ll let the good times come in
And we won’t stop ’til we’re done

We’ll be back in the high life again
All the doors I closed one time will open up again
We’ll be back in the high life again
All the eyes that watched us once will smile and take us in
And we’ll drink and dance with one hand free
And have the world so easily
And oh we’ll be a sight to see
Back in the high life again

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Lost Gem Alert!!

PLAY: Partland Brothers – Soul City

partland_brothers_soul_city_1987_the80smanThis is one you definitely don’t hear anymore. These two Canadian brothers scored a Top 40 hit here in the US back in ’87 with this great track.

It’s got a really pure melody to it, and complimentary harmonies that I’m sure had a little something to do with genetics :) Pretty sweet instrumentation with the driving bass and synth lines, and the production is distinctly late 80’s.

I understand there’s an “extended mix” out there for this one. I’ve heard some pretty beat up copies over the years but never had a high quality version, thus I’ve had to use the single edit here. If anyone has the “extended mix” from the 12″, I’d gladly appreciate it if you send it my way for my personal collection :)

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PLAY: The Escape Club – Wild Wild West (Dance Mix)

escape_club_wild_wild_west_dance_mix_1988_the80smanA US number one hit from this British band off their debut album of the same name in late ’88.

This is another one of those tracks that takes me back to riding on the school bus. You couldn’t go a week without hearing this tune either on the way there or on the way back. Funny, for a song that was so popular I can’t remember the last time I heard it broadcast (yet it turns up in my playlist from time to time).

This is a cool “dance mix” from the 12″ single. Funky groove indeed!

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Huey Lewis & The News – Stuck With You (1986)

September 21, 2015

PLAY: Huey Lewis & The News – Stuck With You One of the big number 1 hits from Huey Lewis & The News. This one from the fall of ’86 and off their gem of an album Fore! Also a personal favorite of mine :) From it’s lofty, happy-go-lucky in love guitar riff to the […]

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Sade – Hang On To Your Love (US Remix) (1985)

September 20, 2015

PLAY: Sade – Hang On To Your Love (US Remix) One of the great cuts off of Sade’s debut album Diamond Life in 1985. Written from the position of one getting a good talking to “In heaven’s name why do you play these games.. hang on to your love” It’s either advice to someone or […]

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Howard Jones – Life In One Day (Remixed Version) (1985)

September 19, 2015

PLAY: Howard Jones – Life In One Day (Remixed Version) The third single release from Howard Jones Dream Into Action LP from 1985, and another Top 40 single for this synthesized Brit! I’ve always felt there was striking similarities between this track and “New Song”. Something in the underlying electronics or melody. Then again, I […]

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