Copy of that's_me_againIt’s a pleasure serving as your 80′s Man through these years. It’s certainly been an experience delving into this music that I love and exploring a lot of these memories and the emotions they conger with each play in a written form such as this. I’ve believed in this blog SO MUCH, it’s been a constant focus and demand of my attention.

Yet the truth in the matter is that I’ve been edging on wrapping up production on the blog as of lately. Not so much because I don’t have anything more to say or more favorite song selections to share, I DO! But more so due to finances, or should I say the lack there of as far as this project is concerned.

In allowing some transparency here, the cost of web hosting over time really crunches the wallet and for someone such as myself who doesn’t make much it definitely cuts into my own personal living expenses that require more responsible application. I’ve said before that The 80′s Man would be a dream job if I could earn a living from it full time. But for what it pays right now, I should ask for a raise!

To offer a better example, it is not within my means to lay out the cost of an entire year worth of web hosting all at once. I could in the beginning when I started the blog, with those “cute introductory offers before a price hike deals” every service does, but things are very different now. Therefore I operate on a month to month basis which is fine, with the only down side being that the cost per month is much more. Right now for me to renew this month it will be $17. I did that last month (as I have for many months.. so you guess the math) and also paid an additional $27 because the domain fee was due (which is different from the hosting service). Throw in some software updates and the cost of a hard-drive replacement for the mp3′s when that crapped out, not to mention keep my internet connection which has gone up in cost, the business of being The 80′s Man gets expensive! I realize these numbers might not seem like much to some people but to me it’s very significant. I don’t think most people grasp the costs involved of running such a virtual project, but I’ve continued to do what I do with you in mind.

While I’ve always had plenty of verbal encouragement to keep the blog up (which I appreciate) it’s going to take a lot more than that. Don’t just think “I’ll let one of the other readers take care of my share”.. that isn’t fair and that doesn’t bring us closer to our goal. If you believe in me as The 80′s Man and you’ve been enjoying what I do here and you find that this work really does matter to your life than I’ll continue to do it as I have been.. but I need those who do appreciate it to actually help me out by offering your generosity of donation. Every little bit helps in the long run as you can see, and it makes all the difference in whether or not I can continue with this blog in a positive way.

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PLAY: Paul McCartney – Coming Up (Live Version)

In mid 1980, Paul released his McCartney II album. A “bare bones” LP of him recording alone in his home studio (the process and title a revisit to his first solo work from ten years earlier in 1970, the McCartney album). The finished record, a combination of pop rock-ballads-and new wave, was a synthesized experimentation that received mixed reviews by critics, though his fans seemed to dig it for it’s uniqueness. At least this one does!

paul_mccartney_coming_up_live_version_1980_the80smanThe first track on the album is “Coming Up”, the studio version that is. This catchy little pop tune is packed with synthesizers and Paul’s vocal ala “chipmunk”. It fits perfectly amongst the other electronisized selections on the LP. However, seeing a more power potential in this cut, when it was performed live in Glasgow with Wings in ’79 prior to the records release, it was an all out rocker! This live version was recorded and included as a special one-sided 45 single along with the McCartney II album. (I’m pretty sure this was the first time I saw a blank side to a 45 record, which was odd yet super sleek!) And while both versions received airplay, with the studio version being used in the then promotional music video, it was this live version that would get played primarily on radio, at least here in the US and became a big hit.

Interesting note; John Lennon, just prior to his death said in a rare interview that he was a fan of Paul’s studio version of “Coming Up” best because it was less conventional and kind of weird, yet he understood why the record company would choose the Glasgow version for a single given it’s mass commercial appeal.

Now I like both versions personally, so it came down to a coin toss here. So today I present to you the unfaded live version from said bonus single. They usually chop off the end chanting when it’s presented on compilations for some reason. Hope you all enjoy!

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PLAY: Duran Duran – Notorious (Extended Mix)

duran_duran_notorious_extended_version_1986_the80smanOnce the original five members of Duran Duran became only three (with some add on musicians) I didn’t have as much enthusiasm for the bands continuation. I mean the music was alright, it just didn’t have the package appeal it once had which is why I’ll always lean towards those earlier albums which I consider their prime. Yes, yes “Ordinary World” is a great tune from the early 90′s, and I’ll give props for their work on select tracks of the Notorious album from ’86, and adopting a bit more of a funky sound (thanks in part to the stellar production of Nile Rodgers) and it’s that title cut which I present to you here in it’s extended format from the 12” single.

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PLAY: Billy Joel – A Matter Of Trust

billy_joel_a_matter_of_trust_1986_the80smanWhile he’ll forever be known as the piano man, this is the track where Billy steps it up and rocks out, literally. Whenever he plays this one on stage, he’s front and center playing a guitar! He even played one in the music video as I remember correctly. A key cut and single off The Bridge album in ’86, “A Matter Of Trust”remains a favorite for it’s great melody and hooks, and solid lyrical sense as all the compositions of Mr. William Joel seem to have. I always thought it would be funny if he opened his shows with this one.. you know lights down, and then out of nowhere you hear this bellowing voice “One.. two.. a one two three four” Boom, lights come on!! Great idea if you ask me :)

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Smooth Groove Alert!!

PLAY: Jermaine Jackson – Do What You Do (Extended Version)

jermaine_jackson_do_what_you_do_extended_version_1984_the80smanI was once in a local music store in the town I grew up in sometime in the 90′s. One of the only independent music stores that was still in the area at the time. They had discount bins of vinyl all over! I just happened upon this one by Jermaine Jackson where he’s dressed in semi-comparable apparel of that of his brother Michael (I don’t know what was up with that?) The album had a hype sticker on it with the words “Contains The Hit – Do What You Do”.. and that sounded familiar so I bought it. Once on the turntable, yeah, I recognized that track. Probably from one of my late night radio listening. Definitely a smooth groove if there ever was one. Today I give you the “extended version” from a 12” single release which is a little longer at the end. Hope you like it as I do.

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Lost Gem Alert!!

PLAY: George Benson – Never Give Up On A Good Thing

george_benson_never_give_up_on_a_good_thing_1981_the80smanSo I was in this clothing store the other day.. did you ever notice that they play some pretty funky music in some clothing stores? While most of the time it’s fairly modern, dancy, new-new wave we’ll say.. I was surprised to hear this jam playing on the overhead speakers, which I’m rather embarrassed to say is a total new discovery for me. Getting into the groove but zeroing in on the voice, my first impression was that it was Jeffrey Osborne.. I was shocked to find out it was George Benson! Now I’ve considered myself a fan of this guy too (as you can see from some of my other posts :) but somehow someway, this tune escaped me. Therefore it’s a Lost Gem to me. But I’m thrilled that it’s on my radar now and in my collection it goes!!


PLAY: Richard Marx – Angelia

richard_marx_angelia_1989_the80smanMy second favorite track off Richard Marx’s 1989 release Repeat Offender (next to “Too Late To Say Goodbye” :) and hit single in it’s own right. Despite it’s success on the singles charts at #4 on Billboard Hot 100 and even better at #2 on the Adult Contemporary, it’s a rather under rated tune these day. When I say under rated I mean doesn’t get any airplay like those radio staple hits that are basically played to death! We can call this one a mid tempo power ballad I guess. Excellent lyrics about the disillusionment of a love. Brilliant use of both the saxophone and guitar as equal billing in the solo section, nicely done indeed.

“Tried to be what you wanted, I gave you all I had.. girl you left me with nothing, nothing but a photograph”

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Dire Straits – So Far Away (1985)

June 21, 2015

Smooth Groove Alert!! PLAY: Dire Straits – So Far Away I always find it interesting when an artist will open an album with something slow. And that’s exactly what Dire Straits did on their awesome 1985 Brothers In Arms LP. Ironically the track sets the ‘blue’ tone for the album which included several tunes on […]

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Pointer Sisters – Dare Me (Extended Version) (1985)

June 20, 2015

PLAY: The Pointer Sisters – Dare Me (Extended Version) A great up tempo dance number from The Pointer Sisters 1985 album Contact. I mean just listen to that popping bass in the intro, that’s good stuff that is! An aggressively antagonistic slap in the face kind of song, it almost made Top 10 in ’85 […]

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Genesis – Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (Remix Long Version) (1986)

June 19, 2015

PLAY: Genesis – Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (Remix Long Version) I ‘m pretty sure this tune was used in a final season episode of Magnum P.I. And that might have even been the title of the episode too! Released as a single off Genesis’ classic 1986 LP Invisible Touch, this song is one of the more […]

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