PLAY: The Motels – Suddenly Last Summer


In typical 80′s Man fashion, here’s a song for summer’s gone by.. waaaay too fast as usual :(



Soundtrack Selection!!

PLAY: Jimmy Buffett – Turn It Around

I’m what might be considered a passive Jimmy Buffett fan. I don’t dive too deep into the catalog of his recordings like some of the devote Parrot Heads out there, as his fan base likes to be called. My Dad had his classic Greatest Hits package titled Songs You Know By Heart, and apart from a few other outside selections my interest of exploration has stopped there.

jimmy_buffett_turn_it_around_1984_the80smanOne often forgotten tune is this soundtrack selection from the John Candy family comedy Summer Rental, alongside Karen Austin, a very young Joey Lawrence and Kerri Green (mmm.. Kerri Green :) For those who don’t recall or never saw the film, he’s the father and they rent a beach house, problems ensue and ultimately end up getting involved in a boat racing competition. A real family affair. It’s a sweet movie, and they certainly don’t make ‘em like this anymore.

“Turn It Around” was featured in one of those great music video sequences where everyone is pitching in to clean up the boat and get it ready for the race. Much like a lot of Jimmy Buffett’s music, it’s got that island flavor thanks to those fantastic synthesized xylophone notes! To my knowledge, you can’t find this song on any of Buffett’s albums so it’s a true rarity right here.

Please be kind and share this post with someone else today.  Music is meant to be shared, so do your part and let other 80′s kids enjoy this soundtrack song today!

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PLAY: Billy Idol – Hot In The City (Extended Version)

billy_idol_hot_in_the_city_extended_version_1982_the80smanAs far as I’m concerned temperatures never reached their full summer potential here in New York as they should have. I like it hot!! For people like me who crave the scorching heat, these past few months have been confusing to the point of saying “ok spring, where’s my summer??” Mother nature can be a cruel and vengeful broad, no doubt about that.

Billy Idol released “Hot In The City” as a single off his debut album. It had considerable success here in the States clocking in at #23 on Billboard. Much more poppy than rock (as compared with some of his other tracks) I’ve always kind of liked it. Listening to a jam like this today makes me wish a nice heatwave will come along and give me what I’ve longed for :)

Here we have an “extended version” from an international 12″ single release. I think it was a German edition if memory serves. Hope you all like it!

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Toto – Africa (1982)

August 28, 2014

in Toto

PLAY: Toto – Africa

toto_africa_1982_the80smanSuch a great groove this one. That sweet early 80′s production from Toto, who as I’ve mentioned before, some of these guys played on many hits by other artists as session players.

One of the hits singles off Toto’s 1982 release, “Africa” actually closed out the record. For some crazy reason I remember making one of my earliest 80′s compilations and just had to have “Africa” was the last track because in my mind it was the last track on the record. Suffice it to say that took some shuffling of songs around to make sure everything would fit just right on one side of a 90 min cassette :)

Another personal memory, I don’t remember what grade it was in Elementary School but we were studying about Africa and I remember on the pop quiz the first question was “What’s the name of the volcanic mount..?” and right away with all the thanks to Toto I knew it was Kilimanjaro :)


PLAY: Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal (Dance Mix)

Once again we have MJ reinventing himself here!

michael_jackson_smooth_criminal_dance_mix_1988_the80smanThe Bad album, the Moonwalker era, and “Smooth Criminal” with the whole gangster in the white suit with the spats and the fedora look. Yet another iconic image the King Of Pop graced us with. This one even transcribed over to a video game (anybody else remember that!)

There’s no denying the fact that the song itself is infectious. By no means does this posses the warm R&B tones of the earlier solo albums to which I so enjoy. No, this is straight up dance and it’s edgy! The pulsating beats with a fast paced melody, along with Michael’s snarling vocal gives us a true pop gem. Only to leave us wondering.. 1.) Is Annie ok? :) and 2.) Much like the moonwalk a few years earlier, we ponder how the hell did he lean that far??!

Presented to you hear for your listening pleasure I give you the extended “dance mix” from the 12″ single. Enjoy all.


PLAY: Bruce Hornsby & The Range – Mandolin Rain

bruce_hornsby_mandolin_rain_1986_the80sman.comOne of the great singles off Hornsby’s classic The Way It Is album.

Like a few of Bruce’s more ballad oriented tracks, there’s just something about this song that gets to me. For some reason it evokes a feeling of being on the deck of a boat, sailing or drifting along through a cascading sunset sky while everything has that orange glow of light, flickering off all the waves. A mild breeze in the air, birds in flight. Quite the fantasy yet it’s fitting for a tune like this.

Close your eye’s and take it all in. Hope this one makes your Sunday great!

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Soundtrack Selection!!

PLAY: Thompson Twins – If You Were Here

A classic new wave pop ballad forever cemented in our minds as 80′s kids. There’s really no separating this track from the closing of Sixteen Candles where Molly Ringwald gets her guy in that infamous table-top birthday cake kiss. You just gotta love that moody vocal and those bold synth notes on this tune!!

thompson_twins_if_you_were_here_1983_the80smanSurprisingly enough, I read that Thompson Twins lead singer Tom Baily has never seen Sixteen Candles! No, really, never seen it. He said he’s met Molly Ringwald and they even discussed it but he’s never taken the time out of all these years to sit down and watch the film that helped popularize them here in the States. Crazy if I do say so myself!

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Daryl Hall – Dreamtime (Extended Remixed Version) (1986)

August 22, 2014

PLAY: Daryl Hall – Dreamtime (Extended Remixed Version) So here we have the loose hit single from Mr. Daryl Hall that is usually forgotten in the face of all the classic Hall & Oates material that’s available. In 1986, while the duo force of Hall & Oates was on hiatus, Daryl dove into a solo […]

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Bus Boys – The Boys Are Back In Town (1982)

August 21, 2014

Soundtrack Selection!! PLAY: The Bus Boys – The Boys Are Back In Town When this songs title comes up, most people think of the Thin Lizzy song of the same name. I do it too, an incredible piece of music that is! But we’re here to talk about The Bus Boys song today (not to […]

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Erasure – A Little Respect (12″ Mix) (1988)

August 20, 2014

PLAY: Erasure – A Little Respect (12″ Mix) Probably the signature song from UK’s electra-pop duo Erasure. I didn’t really care too much for Erasure growing up. Outside of this track, “Chains Of Love” and the Christmas song, they don’t really do much for me. That late 80′s sound of electronica is a bit over […]

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